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International Consortium for Forensic Indentification

The Reuniting Families Project (RFP) was founded in 2003 by Dr. Lori Baker. RFP was created to establish a system for the identification of the remains of deceased undocumented immigrants migrants found along the U.S./Mexico border. 


​The RFP is now a consortium of forensic scientists who recover the remains of unidentified individuals from pauper graves in cemeteries along the U.S. Southern border. Attempts are made to associate the remains with law enforcement case reports but this is often difficult due to the lack of grave markers and the lack of cemetery records or maps designating individuals.  RFP scientists then perform a full forensic anthropological analysis, take samples for DNA, stable isotope and elemental analyses, enter the information into missing persons databases and share this information with organizations representing the families of the missing. The ultimate goal is to determine identities and returning the deceased to their families.


Falfurrias 2013
Baylor Team in Del Rio, TX 2012
UINDY Team Falfurrias, TX 2014
Group Photo Falfurrias, TX 2014
Falfurrias 2014
UINDY Falfurrias, TX 2014
Exhumation of an infant in Del Rio
UINDY Team & Judge Ramirez
University of Indianapolis Team 2013
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